How Is Nigerian Immigration Booming In Canada?

How Is Nigerian Immigration Booming In Canada?

Did you know that Nigerians love Canada? They are so in love with the Canadian land that the Nigerian immigration towards Canada has tripled in the last five years. The Canadian government is happy to welcome the skilled Nigerian people and learn their ways of doing things.

The flexible Canadian immigration policies have also made this country a hotspot for immigrants, especially third-world countries. Other countries like the UK and USA have strict immigration scenarios that require a lot of effort a simple Nigerian person cannot do.

Nigeria became the fourth most contributor of permanent residents in Canada. Many Permanent residents then applied for Canadian citizenship. They underwent the Canadian Citizenship Test, which one can take if they have spent enough time in Canada, explored its culture well, and abided by the rules. The Nigerians can give this test which consists of MCQs and True/False questions related to Canadian culture, geography, history, and trivia.


Gift Cards

Those Nigerians who scored 75% at least in the test got their Canadian citizenship approval and became permanent members.


What Are The Reasons For This Immigration Spike?

There are many pushing factors why Nigerians are seeking immediate immigration. Most of them want to have better career opportunities, while others flee due to violence and terrorism in their country. Moreover, most Nigerians who flee wish to give their children a better and peaceful future, while some would attain higher education and get out of systematic injustice.

Let’s explore these reasons:


Canada’s Warmth

Canada is a diverse country. It is also a part of the Commonwealth nations as well as a center for many cultures. You will see many Indians, Chinese, Filipinos, Iranian, and other people with their colorful customs and traditions welcoming you here. Moreover, the immigration rate in Canada is one of the highest in any country, which would make it easier for Nigerians to settle in. The best thing about Canada is that there is zero-tolerance for racism here so that you wouldn’t be judged on your skin or caste here.


Better Employment

Canada is best known for its high employment rates and endless opportunities for skilled immigrants. Canada has many jobs to offer in multiple fields. Moreover, the Canadian government is doing everything to accept as many skilled worker immigrants inside the country as possible. Thanks to the ferocious workforce they will provide, it will help bridge the gap in some parts of the economy.

Nigeria is currently facing tremendous financial challenges, which increased the lack of jobs and boosted instability inside the country. Therefore the skilled labor is waiting for an opportunity to earn to feed their hungry younger ones at home.

Even the Nigerian doctors and nurses are having a hard time carrying on due to extreme pressure, fatigue, and low wages. Therefore, they are all fleeing to a country where doctors once protested to have been paid more than they expected or deserved. So, Canada has a good plan for you.

The plan is to create ample opportunities for skilled and semi-skilled Nigerian individuals who are already hard-working people to settle in Canada, work for them, and live their dream life with high pay levels.


Higher Education

Canada is also known for its subsidized education system, which is of the highest quality. You would see many Canadian educational institutes are currently leading education-wise in the world. You can get admission to a diverse range of educational institutes. Moreover, educational institutions inside Canada provide quite a helpful scholarship and money reliefs for overseas students, especially if they’re from oppressed or war-torn regions.

If we talk about overseas students, an estimated 150000 overseas students immigrate to Canada temporarily to study every year. When they study in Canada, they can do jobs, and once they’ve got an excellent job, their temporary residency will be extended. It could become a permanent residency which in turn will become citizenship in the next few years.

Nigerian students only need to study hard, obtain a work permit and start their job. Once their graduation is done, they can apply for permanent residency with ease.


Kids Friendly

Some Nigerian areas are unsuitable for children with ongoing human trafficking, drug dealing, and even child rapes. These kids need a better and secure future in their country. In addition to that, Nigeria has also become the poverty capital of this world. There are not many opportunities left for kids to learn or study. The same is the case with fresh graduates as there are many fewer career opportunities for them.


Immigration Friendly

Yes, we will tell it once again. Canada is among the friendliest and most welcoming states for immigrants in this world. Even the United Nations called it one of the best countries to live in.

Various people from all over the World seek immigration or asylum to live in Canada. The well-regulated immigration system makes it a role model for other nations to follow.


Happy Place

Canada is also one of the happiest places to live in. This country has everything for your amusement. There are picture-perfect tourist spots, lots of fun activities inside the cities one can try, and a warm neighborhood where people care for each other.

In addition to that, Canada also has an alarmingly low crime and violence rate, increasing the standard of living. Canada has a lot of aging people, and they want more population and workforce to cater to the labor needs inside the country. This is why there is no limit on people who can apply for a Visa in Canada.


Post-Covid Scenario Of Nigerian Immigrants

The post-Covid scenario for Nigerians will be even brighter if they move to Canada. The global oil prices have been hiking once again, becoming a substantial economic challenge for many countries.

Nigerians are banned or disregarded to immigrate to the UK and the USA, so Canada is their only hope to have a better life. More Nigerians are keen to study, work, and settle in Canada, giving their best for that to happen.

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