Sean Dyche asked players to highlight ‘bad eggs’ during early Burnley tenure, recalls Charlie Austin who talks up brilliant job in making club a Premier League mainstay

Burnley’s Sean Dyche is widely recognised as one of the best managers in the Premier League.

Operating on a comparatively modest budget to many of their rivals, Dyche has established the Clarets as a top-flight side.

Dyche has worked absolute wonders at Turf Moor


Dyche has worked absolute wonders at Turf Moor

So what is the key behind some of Dyche’s success? Getting rid of the bad eggs, according to one of his former players Charlie Austin.

Upon being named as Eddie Howe’s replacement at Turf Moor in September 2012, he quickly assembled his squad to get the lowdown on the squad.

“He got us all in the group and wanted to find out if there were any misery guys or energy sappers as he liked to say,” Austin explained on talkSPORT Breakfast.

“His biggest thing was misery loves a best friend. So what he wanted was to find out who were the so-called bad eggs in the group.

“You weren’t allowed to name them, you just had to write the number. You could have wrote anything and after that it was on him and his coaching staff to find out who it was.”

On the so-called bad eggs, Austin added: “The team that’s playing, you don’t have to worry about them. You’ve got to worry about the lads that aren’t playing.

The pair remain on very good terms

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The pair remain on very good terms

“You’ve got to keep them motivated, them excited and keep telling them your chance is going to come.

“But lads who weren’t playing [at Burnley] were congregating together and come to the end of the season he kind of moved them to the side and that was it.”

Quizzed by talkSPORT host Alan Brazil on how many ‘bad eggs’ he jotted down, Austin responded: “I can’t really remember… maybe four.

“That was [Dyche’s] different way and technique of finding who the bad eggs were and his way of getting to know the squad.

“His way was this is the direction I want the football club to go, you see the great job he’s done from the moment he’s come in.

“He’s had no money from the start and got them into the Premier League and now you don’t really see Burnley as a side that will get relegated.

Austin made a name for himself at Burnley before leaving for QPR in August 2013

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Austin made a name for himself at Burnley before leaving for QPR in August 2013

“I just don’t think he gets enough credit. You look at it and how well he does, when eventually he does move on and if doesn’t work out [for the club] then you’ll think he was very good for the football club.”

Ironically, Austin was out of the door the next summer as he joined then Championship rivals QPR for £4million – although that departure was for altogether different reasons.

Austin joked: “Somebody must have thought I was a bad egg… as I was out that next transfer window!

“I had 18 months left on my contract and to be fair Burnley weren’t in the best financial situation so I moved to QPR for my first spell.

“And there I was with Harry [Redknapp], who was one of the best man managers I’ve worked with.”

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