Toyin Abraham’s Husband, Kola Ajeyemi Warns Fans Against Scam

Toyin Abraham and her husband, Kola Ajeyemi, of the Nollywood couple Toyin Abraham and Kola Ajeyemi, have warned fans to be wary of an internet fraudster who is using their family name to defraud unsuspecting Nigerians.

On Wednesday, they both announced it on their respective Instagram pages.
Toyin Abraham also claimed that the account’s owner conducts transactions through the OPAY bank.

“Please someone is duping people in our name do not fall victim,” she wrote, sharing screenshots of bank transactions. “I wonder why opay will open an account for someone in my name without asking for identity pls kindly tag them and let them know someone is duping people in our name.”


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“Please don’t fall victim we are not asking for money or anything from anyone Opay please kindly do something about it now.”

After the initial post, the actress followed up with another, claiming that OPAY had responded to her complaint. The scammer is using her husband’s photo as his WhatsApp display photo, she added.

“Opay has responded to us and I have given them the numbers and all, the person’s name on the acct is taye Alabi Ayo, the person is using my name as the account name and it’s a different name he or she has on the account number and he or she is using my husband picture on his WhatsApp line.”

“Please don’t fall victim,” she warned.

Her husband also wrote on his Instagram page: “So, I found out this morning from a friend of mine that this person has been using my family names for fraud. Be aware guys this isn’t me because I will never beg for money on any social media no matter the situation. Please check the second and last slide

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